The ROM: Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is one of the largest museums in North America, and in 2007, became one of Toronto’s most beautiful and interesting pieces of architecture.

rom 7 rom 6

Opening for business on March 19, 1914, the ROM sits on the north-east corner of one of Canada’s most storied universities, the University of Toronto. Like many other major museums around the world, the ROM houses thousands of incredible, beautiful, and unbelievable pieces of art. But it was in 2007, after a major architectural transformation, that it became a stand-out piece of architecture in the city, if not THE stand-out piece, with the unveiling of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

rom 3 rom 5

The Crystal, which is also the main entrance, is such a commanding and dominant piece of artwork in itself. Standing three stories tall, the aim of the Crystal is to blur the lines between the public openness of the street, and the private interior of the museum. It almost peaks out over the street below.

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Toronto Flood 2087

***First thing’s first. I was extremely excited yesterday to find out that my blog was used and featured as an example in this post by Krista at WordPress, explaining how to effectively tag your posts. This is part of their Hot Off the Press segment, where I ALWAYS find helpful tips and tricks for better blogging. The post is called “Better Tagging for Increased Traffic***

Now, on to today’s post…

This is purely speculation, but I recently saw our independent and uber-hipster newspaper NOW Magazine feature an image of the CN Tower on it’s cover being half buried in water. The heading read, “What Future Weather Looks Like”.

I obviously didn’t take the time to read the article, and I hope that NOW hasn’t started catering to the “fear factor” media ploy of mainstream media, but it goes to show how powerful an image can be when it caught my eye while I was supposedly focused on shooting an old building with really cool doors and windows.

By the way, the building will be the feature of a future post.

flooding toronto now magazine

Street Walking: Getting Around the City

To say that driving around Toronto is a nightmare is probably a HUGE understatement… probably just like it is in any major city. So, we Torontonians rely heavily on the “Red Rocket”, our incredibly under developed, and overly stuffed subway/bus/streetcar system. When we’ve heard quite enough of the commonly delaying issues related to “switching problems” and “passenger assistance alarm activations”, we resort to taking matters into our own hands… roller blading, cycling, and walking.

Happy Monday everyone! And here’s to a smooth commute to work, no matter what method you choose. Oh, and I recently heard that the New York transit system now offers late slips to it’s riders to help combat the ever present sceptical boss. Ya hear that Toronto?

roller bladingcyclingwalking

Black (& White) Friday: Old Friends

I found myself following these two men for a couple of blocks. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but judging by the way they were casually dressed, the moderate pace they maintained, and the relaxed body language they shared with one another, I made up a story in my head that they were two old friends who were out for a lunchtime catch-up.

Isn’t it nice to have someone so close to you that they know what you’re thinking and feeling without you having to say a word? Are yo someone who has a lifelong friend? Tell me about that friendship – how you met in kindergarten and have remained besties to this day. Or, tell me what you value in a close relationship… without going into too many personal details :)

I have one such friend. We don’t talk regularly these days, but when we get together it’s like we were fourteen again, like time hasn’t passed. I can say anything to this friend without fear of passed judgement. It’s a nice feeling, and I feel lucky to have this person in my life.


bw friday - two guys walking