Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Detail

This is my first post in the weekly photo I challenge. I’m excited about this because it prompts me with new photo ideas that I wouldn’t otherwise think to do. I feel that I can only improve my photography skills by taking part in this online community.

My subject is St. Andrew’s church in Toronto. It’s a landmark that I pass by on a daily basis, but until today, I haven’t taken the time to look at the detail in this old urban landmark.

Toronto isn’t one of those cities that is known for its historical buildings, but I was surprised to learn that this building has been around since February, 1876.

The original structure was built a few blocks over in the old Town of York, which is what Toronto was called before it was renamed Toronto. Most of the old town burned down long ago, but there are still a few beautiful blocks of the old buildings that remain.

Today, St. Andrew’s sits in the heart of the financial district, so it’s hard to imagine that this church would have been built in the “middle of nowhere” back in 1876.

It’s a nice juxtaposition seeing this old structure sitting in the middle of dozens of modern glass-faced sky scrapers.

I look forward to next week’s challenge.



  1. I would suggest go into the Queen St. old Osgoode Hall courthouse with the iron fence/gate and cobblestone area near the Queen St. W. subway station. And go into the library since there is a spiral staircase, statutes. Also the public dining rm. around lunch….great stained glass.

    It’s a key historic building. Seat of the court for Upper Canada…older than Ottawa’s buildings. Do it before you move to Ottawa.

    I worked there for few years and know of the building’s visual architectural features.

    1. Amazing tip! Thanks so much. Is it open to the public?

      I took some photos of the outside and the cobbled street within the gate, because there were a bunch of pigeons jumping around there, but I’d love to go inside if I can easily walk in.

      1. Yes, it is. There maybe police at the entrances now. But say that you are visiting the library. Maybe better to take a simpler camera???

        There is a courtroom with a bullet hole in one of the benches…someone shot their lawyer or something like that.

      2. Type in Great Library, Upper Law Society of Canada to get their hrs. as a separate Google search.

        I was a law librarian..for the judges..which is a totally different library that public is not allowed to use.

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