Nick Hornby Saved My Life

Through the first twenty five years of my life I hated reading. In fact, the only thing I read with any sort of regularity was the liner notes of the CDs I bought.

But, over the past several years I’ve discovered so many amazing books and authors (perhaps I’ll add a page to the blog so I can list my favorites sometime). I’m definitely a sucker for the easy to read and action-pact Dan Brown style novels, but I also love non-fiction books about history, science, business, and music.

So, if I were to have an author of my choosing write a biography about me it would have to be Nick Hornby. Any time I see or hear his name, I immediately think of High Fidelity, his amazing novel about a hard-luck record store owner. Perhaps it’s because the story brings back memories of listening to music on vynil, spending hours upon hours making mix tapes… on cassette tape… and the excitement of actually leaving your house to BUY music at the record store.

In many of his novels, Hornby uses top-five song lists to describe girlfriends, life events, and the general music interests of his characters.

Because of all this, I would love to see what he would come up with after spending some time with me and putting my life in print.

I’ll leave you with the High Fidelity trailer… simply because it’s also one of my all time favorite movies.



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