Use The Force Luke!

“Use the force Luke”

Could there be a more important line from a movie for someone who grew up in the 80s? I think not.

Today’s daily prompt: Take a quote from your favorite movie – there’s your title. Now, write!

The millennium falcon, the death star, Yoda! These were just some of the things that helped to shape my youth… and the childhoods of millions of other children around the world. Ok, maybe that’s giving Star Wars a bit too much credit, but it remains one of the greatest movie franchises to date, and the special effects are still amazing after all these years. I mean, I think it only took me two or three days to complete Angry Birds Star Wars edition… c’mon!

I remember travelling everywhere with my little backpack full of Star Wars action figures. In fact, even though my parents had to buy them, those toys probably ended up saving them thousands of dollars in babysitting fees.

I have a very vivid Christmas memory of the excitement I felt the moment I opened a gift to find Jaba The Hut inside. It was a mixture of super excitement and relief because I wanted the toy badly. I also have a cassette, yes a cassette, of my parents asking me what I got for Christmas when I was just under three – “Ton-Ton”, I replied before taking a big suck attack because my parents pressed for me to say more. If I’m able to, I’ll convert it to digital and upload it to the blog someday.

Star Wars will always remain close to my heart, and as goofy as it sounds, I’m excited to pass my Jedi knowledge on to my little Droid children while we take our pet Ewoks for walks after dinner.

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