Shooting From the Hip

Have you ever shot from the hip? I mean, with your camera or smartphone?

Shooting from the hip is something that I do only occasionally, but I’m starting to do more of it and I often love the results. As a photography newbie, I hadn’t heard the term “shooting from the hip” until Eric Kim… an amazing LA-based street photographer… mentioned it in one of his video logs. So, the next day I brought my camera to work and ran out on my lunch break to try it out…

On another day, I saw a couple of really well-dressed business men on the street and wanted to capture their clothes (and socks) as well as the fast-paced mood of downtown Toronto. I quickly snapped this shot, almost from my pocket. It’s probably one of my favorite photos…

Then, today’s quick tip from The Daily Post was all about shooting from the hip… with your smart phone. Needless to say, I ran out on my lunch break and snapped a few pics from my hip. I love how this first one of the CN Tower and Rogers Centre is stretched out…

I snapped this one while basically lying on the ground at the base of the CN Tower today. That’s a loooooong way up…

And this last shot is at the Harbourfront Centre. It boasts the largest outdoor man-made skating rink in Canada, or the world or something…

This little exercise was so much fun!



  1. yes I have tried many times, when travelling, to try and capture an image without imposing myself as being in front of the subject with my camera up to my face. I want to try and keep the scene natural and authentic. My results have not been very good though…. need more practice

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