Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

I love this week’s photo challenge theme because it shows the diverse rituals and experiences that we all have. I hesitated submitting this photo under this challenge, because my normal morning routine consists of a walk to the daycare to drop off my kids, followed by a brisk forty minute bike ride to work.

However, many of our family weekends begin with a trip to Riverdale Farm, which used to consist of several hundred acres on the edge of the city, but is now made up of only a couple of acres smack dab in the heart of Toronto.

Though there are no children or animals in this photo, I think the image represents the irony of beauty and calmness that this city refuses to lend to it’s citizens, but if you look hard enough you can find it in a few small pockets scattered throughout Toronto. My boys, my wife, and I love our visits to this little farm.

Thanks again for stopping by!


      1. Not at all actually. I think it’s pretty awesome and can create some really dramatic moods. This was just my first attempt at producing something close to HDR. I’m actually going to try it with a couple images in my library that I think might work well. What are your thoughts?

      2. Well, in fact, I’m a big fan of HDR. Thus asking. I think in photography (same as in any other artistic or creative process) there is no right/wrong solution.

      3. Well maybe, but I think there’s a definite line where something is simply done poorly. As a new photographer, I can poorly execute a shot because I’m still learning all the basic techniques. I mean, if I intensionally set up a shot that I like but someone else doesn’t, that’s one thing. But if I set up a shot and it’s completely blown out just because I didn’t have a full understanding of lighting, then it’s poorly done, even if its framed properly.

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