Candid Moments

Feeding Llama

I’ve always been drawn to candid moments captured in photos, and I think they tell a better story. I have always loved thumbing through Life Magazine and National Geographic, and analyzing the action and the mood in concert photos.

Since taking photography more seriously over the past year I’ve noticed that I have naturally taken on that style of shooting more than anything else. I have also realized that I love shooting people in their natural and organic state. I’m not much for capturing images of strangers on the street… unless I ask to take their photograph… but I haven’t worked up the nerve for that yet, so most of my images are of friends and family.

Cottage Play

I also think I’m developing a bit of a knack for photographing kids… which is handy since I have two of my own. I am naturally drawn to capturing them during a busy moment. I almost never have them look into the camera, tell them to smile, and say cheese… it kind of drives me crazy when people do that.

One thing I might criticize myself for, is that there are not many photos of my boys looking straight into the camera, but I think that’s ok. I think the moments I capture tell a better story about their childhood. Like thumbing through a magazine.

Years from now, we’ll all look back at the image with the llama above and instantly know that my older son had a love of animals and was very kind and loving by nature. And to the image on the left, and remember how obsessed my younger son was with playing in the sand whether on a beach or in a sandbox.

It’s the candid, unobtrusive moments that I’m drawn to and I think I’m ok with that. So, I’ll continue to be the fly on the wall, and continue try to see the world through other people’s eyes.



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