Halloween Countdown – Day #4

We’re on the second day of the Halloween Countdown, so I figured we should touch on the subject of haunted houses.

Haunted houses could be one of the things that spooks me the most. I think it’s the fear of the unknown. It may also be the darkness, creaky doors and floors, cobwebs and spiders…. oh, how I hate spiders. And I grew up on a farm, which means you run into spiders every two minutes.

When I took this photo I had absolutely no idea about composition or what made me like or dislike a photo. I simply pointed my camera and shot. And that’s what I did with this image that I took several years ago with my first camera, a Nikon Coolpix.

I stumbled on this abandoned house on a rocky coastline. I was really drawn to the house because it was made of wood. I also really liked the red door. Oh, and that’s the Atlantic in the background. Talk about a waterfront property.

You can see the first post in the countdown here.


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