One Light Self Portraits

Well, these days I seem to be completely obsessed with light, and how many ways it can be manipulated. It’s also pretty mind-blowing how many different looks you can achieve with the use of just one small flash.

Today, I watched a quick portrait session with Jared Polin (Fro Knows Foto) and Zack Arias. I had watched it in the past, but at that time I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about or how camera settings affected ambient light and flash power.

Don’t laugh at my serious look in these shots, I just didn’t feel like smiling for every shot.

In this first three images, I worked on using a side light and changed the flash zoom range to be either wide reaching or more focused, as you can tell by the harsh falloff on my chest. In the middle image on the top row, I created a small softbox using a Rogue FlashBender and it’s accompanying diffusion panel. It’s a terrific piece of equipment to have, and I think it produced a nice, even amount of light across my face.

In the second row, I used the Flashbender again, but turned it into a snoot to create that spotlight look focused on my head.

In this group of photos I set up the flash behind me and off to the side (except for the middle image where it is obviously directly behind me). I wanted to see if I could create a dramatic, nearly black image, while showing various amounts of outline. I’m really happy with the results of these shots. I would love to add a second flash and have them in the image, to create a stage performance feeling.

Though I’m having a blast using myself for test purposes, I am looking forward to trying out some different lighting techniques on other people. I’m in the process of lining up some photo shoots, and I hope to have some images to post in the coming weeks.

Till next time.


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