Wedding Photography & Dyptichs

In a couple weeks, my wife and I will be heading to the sunny Bahamas for my cousin’s wedding, and man are we excited. It’ll be our first trip without kids in about five years. Since I’ve never been to a small island before, I’m looking forward to experiencing a whole new culture and way of living (since we’re currently going through a deep freeze here in Canada), and I hope to have a bunch of new photos to share on the blog when I get back.

On the topic of wedding photography, I often find myself in awe of some of the amazing wedding photos I come across on the web. I almost can’t understand how photographers get the shots they do, and I could only imagine how nervous I’d be if I were in their position. Having said that, I was probably a little too in the way of my other cousin’s wedding photographer, but at least I was able to come away with a couple images that I’ve put in the dyptychs below.

And I really liked this image of the first dance, so I decided to include it too. I thought the dress was absolutely beautiful…

Though I don’t have any aspirations of getting myself into wedding photography, it was fun snapping away. However, If I ever had the opportunity to second-shoot someday, I wouldn’t hesitate to jump at the chance.

What are your experiences with wedding, party, or event photography? I’d love to hear your stories.


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