Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

My wife and I just returned from our first week-long childless trip in over five years. It was a fun and relaxing vacation that took us out of this cold Canadian February, and brought us to Universal Studios Florida, and then on to a remote island in the Bahamas for my cousin’s wedding.

While on a relaxing morning walk along the beech, we picked up some shells and starfish, some island treasures, to bring home to our boys. They loved the gifts, especially the starfish.


Update: This photo was featured by WordPress – http://buff.ly/1jMp7iY Thank you Ben for including it in your post. You’ve certainly made my day… and week.



    1. Oh my god! I saw the pingback and just assumed that it was from another blogger. That blows my mind… thanks for letting me know. It’s funny, because the photo was the result of a simple idea, took about two minutes to setup and shoot, and viola. Of course, the stuff I put a lot of effort into gets nothing… go figure.

      1. Haha. Sometimes, the simple ideas are the ones that get noticed. I think our eyes are sometimes drawn to that. Maybe in those simple ideas, we express truly what is in our heart. I see that in this post.
        Glad I was able to point out the post. Well deserved recognition. 🙂

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