Black (& White) Friday: Riverdale Farm

I’ve decided to start a new weekly series called “Black (& White) Friday“, where I will share an image I’ve taken in black and white.

Black and white photography is new territory for me, so this series is aimed at challenging myself, and stretching my photographic skills. After all, in this digital age, every image I make is done in colour. Having said that, I found myself posting two images this week in black and white, here, and here. I was really impressed with the final look of these photos.

My first entry comes from a family trip made to the local farm. It’s a spectacular little piece of heaven located smack dab in the middle of the city. I’ve written about it in a previous post here.

Now, on to the images…

farm pic 3

farm pic 2

farm picWhat are your experiences with shooting in black and white? Some people say that it takes a different approach to the way you see the scene before you photograph it compared to seeing and shooting it in colour. Do you agree or disagree?


One comment

  1. Looking forward to this series! I love black and white photographs, like they are from an earlier time. I have never taken a photograph with the intention of making it black and white, something to consider I guess. When I edit my photos to black and white I am always so surprised what pops out in the photo. It is like a beautiful magic trick.

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