Street Walking: King Edward Hotel

One of the oldest and most beautiful hotels in Toronto is The King Edward Hotel, known locally as The King Eddy. Built in 1903, this historic beauty epitomizes the luxe grandeur of the turn of the Twentieth Century.

Interesting note, the hotel had recently gone under some renovations. While a tourist walked along the street past the hotel, he fell and cut his throat badly. At the same time, another man exiting the hotel spotted the fall and ran to the injured man’s aid, applying pressure to his wounded neck, and likely saving his life. That man, was non other than John Malkovich and you can read about the story here.

king eddy corner king eddy street



    1. I agree, it was a good movie… weird, but good. There are a bunch of buildings from this era in the neighbourhood. It’s nice to walk through because it gives you a taste of what the city looked like almost one hundred years ago.

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