Street Walking: Back Alleys

The lesser known streets and alley ways of cities and towns can say so much more about the places we live than their well travelled streets. For instance, not many people get to see Toronto’s most famous landmark from this perspective.

graffiti & cn tower

Or people’s garages that often double as canvases for tags and street art.yellow garagegarages in alleyway



    1. Ha, luckily you don’t tend to get shot around here.

      You’re on the west coast though, right? San Fran/Oakland area? San Fran is hands down my favorite city in the world. So much else to see and photograph.

      1. Yes I’m 20 minutes east of SF, although I lived in SF many years while working. Glad you liked our city! Oakland has really awesome graffiti in some areas, but that’s the place I’d get shot. SF has it all over…I wouldn’t worry about getting shot in most of those areas. I need to get over there and do this. Glad you like my area!

    1. Thanks Edith!

      It’s so convenient to just pop over on my lunch and take a few shots. I had no idea about it until a coworker told me about it a few months ago.

      Love how your dog portraiture is coming along, by the way. I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be. Worse than kids I bet.

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