Black (& White) Friday: The Hyatt

This week I have decided to feature a remarkable piece of architecture on King West, in Toronto – The Hyatt. Standing alongside some of the city’s oldest and most beautiful structures, this futuristic looking building commands your attention. It’s impressive vertical lines, paired with beautiful curves, is impossible to miss.

hyatt bw friday-010

I’m really enjoying my exploration of black and white images. I feel as though it’s really helping me identify light and shadows better, and with that comes much more powerful images. I am also super thrilled to be part of Leanne Cole’s weekly series titled, Monochrome Madness. It is full of wonderful photographers that I am honoured to share space with. I encourage you to check out her blog if you haven’t already, her images are incredible.



      1. Thank you so much for the wonderful complement. I’m still learning how to take strong black and white photos, but I think the process is helping me understand the relationship between light and shadow more easily than colour photos do.

      1. That’s so true. I’ve been going through a lot of my old photos lately (basically everything that’s older than 6 months) and my experience is that it’s good to leave the photos for a while, so that you get some kind if mental/psychological distance to them. When you look at them again, you see them with “new eyes”.

        As a result I’ve ‘discovered’ photos in my catalogue that are gems and I’ve also deleted a lot of crap. More space on the hard-disks for new photos 🙂

        This is partly because I have a mental distance to the photos now, but also because I know more about photography than what I did before.

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