My Favorite Resources :Jen Pottheiser

For those of us who are amateur photographers, we all wonder the same thing, how do professional photographers achieve the status and success they do?

The answer appears to be simple – work really hard, think like an entrepreneur, and promote your best work to the right audience.

The path to success can also be summed up in Jen Pottheiser’s presentation from the B&H Event Space YouTube channel. Jen uses her real life experiences to demonstrate a practical and realistic path to achieving success as a photographer. Though Jen speaks to photography, her advice can be applied to anything you do, regardless of your career or interests.

My key takeaways from Jen’s talk are these:

  • decide what you’re passionate about and go shoot it.
  • create personal projects to keep yourself interested.
  • don’t wait to have your work discovered, get out there and create your own opportunities.
  • in the beginning, offer your services for free. That’s how you gain experience.
  • keep an open mind, because you never know who you’ll meet or where opportunities will present themselves.
  • have a website and a professional email address (I’m still working towards this one).

Jen Potthiser is a commercial photographer from the US specializing in sports portraiture. You can see her work on her website here or follow her WordPress blog here.

I have probably watched this video six times, and find it highly motivational and inspirational and I’m sure you’ll learn something new as well.

While you’re at your desk today, open up a new screen and play the video in the background while you work. I promise you’ll love it.

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