Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I really liked the theme for this week’s challenge, but at the same time, I struggled with it a little. For my entry, I have decided to give you a little look “inside” the city I call home – Toronto.

I’ve written about many of the things I like about Toronto in a previous post, but one of the things that I am not happy about is that Toronto is one of the world’s leading condo developers. Though we have some beautiful beaches, our waterfront comes to an abrupt stop because of the wall of glass that has been built up over the past thirty years.

Because my work is right in the middle of this changing landscape, I get to see the changing face of the city on a daily basis.

I think that this image is a perfect example of how our past is struggling to hang on in a world that is moving forward at a rapid pace. In the foreground, is the Toronto Harbour Commission Building. Built in 1917, this building used to sit on the water’s edge, but with rapid civic expansion, the land around this old building has been filled in, and it’s once impressive size is now dwarfed by the many glass towers that surround it.

harbour 60-016This building is now home to the Toronto Port Authority, and it also has a high end steakhouse on the main floor.


    1. It’s a real shame that these old buildings are being literally left in the shadows of the newer structures. The sometimes build the new towers on top of the old buildings, preserving them to some degree, but they are knocked down far too often here in Toronto.

      Thanks for stopping by once again.

    1. Hey Katalina, thanks so much. I’m really happy with the way this one turned out.

      I was just looking up Gallery 44 like you mentioned, and it looks incredible. Unfortunately I’m moving to Ottawa in June, so I’m going to have to try to find something similar out there. I wonder if they know of anything.

      I’ll definitely check it out though.

  1. I guess you’re right about the size. It’s still a very nice building, but it’s drowning in it’s surroundings! I like how you’ve used lens vignetting to lead the eye.

    1. I seem to be big into the vignetting these days. It seems to work with the mood I’ve been able to capture in my recent shots.

      This shot was kind of a fluke actually, I grabbed it quickly before crossing the street, but when I went back to it a few months later, I really liked the composition and how it seemed to stand out from the new structures surrounding it.

      It has a bit of a 3D feel for me for some reason.

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