Black (& White) Friday: Oak Leaf

My black and white photo this week is of a single oak leaf resting on an abandoned rail road track. I’m not all that deep and introspective, so I don’t think this image really symbolizes anything, but for some reason this little guy caught my eye and I liked the way it was laying and how it almost guides your eye up the image by pointing the way along the lines of the rail road ties.

oak leaf b/w


  1. Ha, I love the “I’m not too introspective” line. This is a really great black and white. I love how the grain in the wood planks jumps out as well as the texture to the oak leaf due to the great light you must have taken this photograph in/under. Really great.

    1. Thanks so much Carrie.

      Ya, my first draft of the post was getting way too deep and I immediately hit the delete button. It wasn’t at all what I was going for, but I suppose the image could have symbolized such a topic.

      Glad you found it amusing πŸ™‚

  2. Great Image, I was given some great advise, which is always walkaway from your image for awhile then come back and look at it again before posting, and I found that it does work. guess what I am saying is glad you did not hit the Cancel Button


    1. Thanks Mike, that is great advice. I’m finding that that is definitely something I’m doing more of. It really seems to help me emotionally separate myself from the shot and look at it more objectively.

      Thanks for the great comment.

  3. Hi Shane, I’m also glad you didn’t cancel. I was really drawn to this image.
    Yes, the simplicity, but I keep coming back πŸ™‚
    There’s a real warmth to it and I too love the perspective and the way it leads you along the boards.
    Well, I just love it πŸ˜€ lol

    1. Robyn, your comment just made my day. Thanks so much!

      Yes, I’m really glad that I kept it up as well. It’s one of those moments that I probably wouldn’t normally capture, but glad I took the time to do so.

      Glad you like it.

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