I’ve Been Freshly Pressed!!!

Holy cow, what a difference a day makes… I’ve been Freshly Pressed!

After returning from my usual lunchtime stroll through the city snapping pics of the the things that catch my eye, I learned that I was Freshly Pressed by WordPress.

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post about my thoughts on street photography. I asked readers to pass along their tips on how to do it successfully, and I was pleasantly surprised by the dialogue that occurred.

Lately, I have been greatly inspired to shoot and blog by a couple of new blogging friends, so I owe a lot of my effort and dedication to blogging to Leanne Cole, Laura Macky, and Cardinal Guzman. All three of these bloggers have fantastic work, are more than willing to share tips and tricks, and have made my time on WordPress much more enjoyable of late. Incidentally, Leanne and Laura have a new Monochrome Madness challenge that began about four weeks ago, and it’s a lot of fun to participate in.

I encourage you to check out their blogs if you haven’t yet had the chance.

Thank you everyone for making this such an incredible community to be a part of! This definitely pushes me to work even harder.


fashionable legs



  1. Very well done, Shane. An achievement well deserved. I read that exact post a few days ago and gave it a ‘like’ because I enjoyed your street photography work so much. It’s a subject that now interests me, so much so, that I’ve started researching the matter and looking at ‘nifty fifty’ lenses for my camera.

    So if you see me posting street photography in the future, just remember that it was your article that was the catalyst for that work.

    Keep up the good posts!

    1. Tim, that’s such an incredible complement, thank you.

      You’ll be great at it… I love your stuff. Personally, I’ve come to prefer the 35mm to the nifty fifty. I think I just like that little wider point of view. Of course, the 35 flattens the scene a little more and makes it harder to isolate your subject (if you so choose), but I seem to be more comfortable with it in general.

      You should look up Eric Kim. He is a young LA-based street photographer and has a lot of great tips on his blog http://erickimphotography.com/blog/

    1. Laura, do you mean my two little boys? Or the four-foot eleven girl I work with? Those kinds of little people?

      Too funny! I will pretend I’m a blogging rock star until precisely 12 midnight… Eastern Standard Time 🙂 Then I’ll just reminisce about this day to people who don’t care.

  2. The feeling must be amazing, congratulations! Thanks also for sharing these 3 blogs. I already knew Cardinal Guzman but not the girls. Great finding! And I agree when you say that this community is one of the things that pushes us the most to keep going!

  3. I’m commenting in reverse because I liked and left a few words on your FP post but wanted to leave a CONGRATS here as well!!
    I am a new picture taker and have only been blogging about a year and you are so right, the inspiration and advice I have received here is amazing.
    Enjoy yourself and looking forward to your shots!

    1. Thanks so much, it’s actually nice seeing this huge spike in traffic… if only for a few days.

      I’ve been blogging for about two years, but only seriously for about six months. I’ve really found that if you put in some effort on forming relationships with other bloggers, it becomes a lot more fun and motivating to continue.

      I’ve been enjoying your blog over the past few days since discovering you… keep it up!

  4. Congratulations on being freshly pressed! I’m a bit behind on my commenting, so I didn’t see your post before, but I did see the one that was freshly pressed. I saw your post on street photography before it was freshly pressed, so now I can act like a proud blogger-hipster and, just like the music hipsters, I can say stuff like:

    “Shane? Yeah. I’m familiar with his works. I actually knew his stuff from before he was freshly pressed.”


    Thanks for the mention Shane and I’m proud to mentioned together with Leanne and Laura, both of whom have a lot of wonderful photos in their portfolios.

    1. Ha, ha! What a great comment. It gave me a solid laugh.

      Well, I only let myself feel like a superstar for about a day because it’s probably the only time one of my posts will get such solid promotion. Let’s see if I ever get a second or third post in the coveted Freshly Pressed spotlight… then I’ll let my ego get too big for it’s own good and start looking for an agent 🙂

      Your stuff is really good, so why wouldn’t I try to help promote it the one time I have an inflated audience?

      1. An agent, that’s a great idea (don’t forget a secretary). Perhaps also some of those helpers that some artists have: you know, those kind of artists that don’t actually produce their own works, but are just telling their helpers how they want it done. Just like Andy Warhol’s assembly line helpers, you can have your assembly line bloggers 🙂

        As you know, one of my posts also got some promotion a month ago or so. I wasn’t Freshly Pressed, but my post was mentioned in a post on WordPress, which resulted in a lot of comments, visitors etc.
        It felt nice to get the recognition. but remember; when you crash and burn and find yourself deep in the bloggers abyss, you can always ask me for help. You’ll find me down there, lurking in the shadows of the internet 😀

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