Street Walking: Lost In Thought

As many of us tend to do when we manage to carve out a few minutes in the day for ourselves, we can easily lose ourselves in thought. It’s that moment when nothing around us exists, when we suddenly find ourselves teleported into an abyss of oneness. The buzz of the city streets, cell phones, email, all cease to exist… if only for a split second.

When I’m out shooting, I sometimes try to capture people in that brief moment. It can be difficult, because it only lasts for an instant.

red bag at corner texting & cn towerlong draglooking aheadtext on the gopulling a cart


  1. I like your street shots and I agree with what you said to me on your Reflections post: I also prefer street shots that have people in them. Street photography is fun to shoot, but it can also be disappointing: sometimes you have a perfect scene and composition, but since everything happens so fast, you find out after the shot that the subject wasn’t in focus, or that a car suddenly came by at the wrong time… A lot of things can go wrong.
    But, it’s really fun and rewarding when the shots are spot-on. Also, sometimes the scenes are just happening right in front of you!

  2. I read with interest you wonderful post about the pros and cons of street photography. I, too, am more comfortable not photographing people, so I am inspired by your foray into this experience. Clearly, you have a talent for capturing wonderful moments! I look forward to seeing more of the world through your eyes.

  3. When I visited Toronto 3 years ago I was amazed by the number of people walking on the streets with their smartphone in one hand and the coffee in the other, walking and texting or aswering email …… it is well reflected in your photos

    1. You absolutely nailed it. So many people I know are proud of the fact that they can walk and text without any problem. In the mornings in the financial district, all you see when you walk down the street is the tops of people’s heads because they’re busy looking down and texting.

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