Street Walking: Re:Reading Turns Five!

On Saturday, I was out for a walk on The Danforth, the neighbourhood where I live, and I stumbled on a birthday party for one of my favorite stores – Re:Reading.


Re:Reading is a used book store  with fabulous character, and since it has had many terrific write-ups in the past, I don’t think I’ll regurgitate what has already been said.


However, I will tell you this…

Re:Reading always manages to flourish, while constantly going against the grain. As many of the local book, video, and music stores in the city are closing down, Re:Reading has established itself as a favorite destination for bookworms, hipsters, sci-fi fans, and stay-at-home moms & dads in the neighbourhood. The selection is always excellent, and the service is second to none… thanks ladies!

Oh, and the cake was ridiculously awesome! Re:Reading gang, please let us know where it came from in the comments… I forgot to ask.

Re:ReadingRe:ReadingRe:Reading Re:Reading Re:Reading



    1. I still use both reading mediums, but there’s just something special about browsing through a bookstore. It’s one of those simple pleasures that just doesn’t get old for me.

      1. I so agree – digital reads are awesome – but still something so charming about a book – and an old one at that! and by the way, love your pics and different angles of the store and aisles….. esp. the last one with the books on the angle…. 🙂 ~yvette

      2. Terrific thanks! It was my first “editorial style” post, so I’m glad you liked the photos.

        I picked up a couple books while I was there and am enjoying them.

  1. I love a good secondhand book. I enjoy my e-reader but there is nothing like holding a book in one’s hands. I just donated four boxes of very nice books to our local library. What they don’t keep, they put in a book sale once a year and the proceeds are used for the library. It felt nice to be helping the library while also cleaning my bookshelves!! And I know, eventually, the books will all go toward being read again.

    1. That’s very nice of you. We often put our old books in a basket and set it at the end of our walkway for people to take what they like. It’s pretty common around here, which is nice.

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