Black (& White) Friday: Queen & University

On Monday, I wrote a post about my neighbourhood used book store having it’s fifth birthday. Did I mention that everything in the store was 50% off? So, while shovelling my face with birthday cake, I raided the photography section and found an excellent book on black and white photography.

I’m only a few pages in, but right out of the gate, the author talks about the elements that make a strong black and white image. They include – lines, form, geometry, and contrast. Perhaps I’ll write about it once I’ve completed the book, but that makes for a good segue to this week’s black and white image of the Canada Life building, built between 1929-1931.

No wonder I love it, the architecture of that time period blows my mind.

standard life buildingIf you happen to like my black and white series, you should head over to Leanne Cole’s blog. Each week, she posts a collection of images submitted by bloggers from around the world… including me. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out the rest of her work. Leanne also writes a weekly “Introductions” series, where she features one photographer whose work she enjoys, and this week she featured me 🙂 You can check that post out here.




  1. Books on photography can be really interesting and a great source of inspiration. That’s a beautiful street photo Shane! I agree, great architecture!

  2. I read that post. It’s nice to get other [people’s thoughts on subjects that you’re interested in. Nice photo too Shane. And, like we’ve talked about before: it’s a shame that they don’t make buildings like that nowadays.

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