Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

There are many larger and more famous monuments found around the world, but as a native to Toronto, the Old City Hall Cenotaph has got to be one of our most cherished monuments.

I can’t put it any better than is already written in Wikipedia, so I thought I’d borrow the description from it:

The Old City Hall Cenotaph is a cenotaph located at the front steps of Old City Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Originally built after World War I to commemorate Torontonians who lost their lives in services for Canada, the memorial also commemorates those who died in World War II and the Korean War. It was modelled on The Cenotaph at Whitehall in London, England, was constructed using granite cut from the Canadian Shield and unveiled on November 11, 1925.

The site is one of several locations used for Remembrance Day commemorations in Toronto.

WPC - Monument-0056WPC - Monument-0075 WPC - Monument-0060WPC - Monument-0068WPC - Monument-0070 WPC - Monument-0061WPC - Monument-0058WPC - Monument-0064



    1. Thanks! I would love to shoot it at dusk with a couple of off camera flashes for some.added drama.

      We played such a large role in WWI, so I wanted to try to make the images as powerful as I could.

  1. I was sure that I’d already commented on this post… I really like the one with red flowers in the dry grass. It’s a nice monuiment, but I’m pretty sure that those who died are forgotten anyway 🙂

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