My Favorite Resources: Photograph A Colour Theme

At some point we all hit a wall, we struggle to find inspiration when we’re out with our cameras. One thing I do to combat a lack of motivation, or a dull day on the street is to pick a colour and shoot anything that has that colour. Actually, during the dog days of winter, when everyone wears their black or grey winter coats, I’ll look for any bright colour I can.

I spotted the girl in the orange jacket from a mile away and prayed she wouldn’t move until I got close to her.

orange jacket

I turned down a quiet side street in Kensington Market and found this bright yellow wall. If there was anywhere I’d want to use as a backdrop for some good street portraits, it’s this wall. Love the colour and texture of the bricks.

yellow wall

On what I hope was our final snow day of the season, I passed by these amazing red and green crates. It was so grey and damp out, and these crates saved my day.

coloured boxes

The amazing blue of this old payphone stopped me dead in my tracks recently, and I simply had to shoot it. This is also the same time that Kobi tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to take his portrait.

blue phone booth



  1. Great idea, Shane. Thanks for sharing. All wonderful pictures. I do love how the orange jacket pops. And I really like the crates and how you captured them in the mirror. Double the color!

    1. Thanks so much. There was a great writeup on The Daily Post the other day about street photography, and one of the things mentioned was looking for colours.

      I love those crates too. I’d actually love them in my house.

  2. I know that pay phone! Oh, it IS fun to see one’s own city in images… One of the things I enjoy about a number of Egoyan films.
    But these are also wonderful compositions. Am especially drawn to the crates – I think it’s the angle you chose, very dynamic.

    1. Haha, ya I really seem to love the old pay phones around town. They have so much character.

      I know what you mean about finding landmarks in movies, it’s pretty cool. I work down by the Royal Alex and they’re always filming in the streets surrounding my building. It’s great.

      1. Ha ha, thought you’d notice that šŸ˜‰
        Having a quiet one.. And yes time off, but who can resist our community?!
        If we all met in a coffee shop, think Id be drinking a few cups a day šŸ˜€
        Yes, colour is great! Over and out… For now.. Happy Easter!

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