Black (& White) Friday: Old Friends

I found myself following these two men for a couple of blocks. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but judging by the way they were casually dressed, the moderate pace they maintained, and the relaxed body language they shared with one another, I made up a story in my head that they were two old friends who were out for a lunchtime catch-up.

Isn’t it nice to have someone so close to you that they know what you’re thinking and feeling without you having to say a word? Are yo someone who has a lifelong friend? Tell me about that friendship – how you met in kindergarten and have remained besties to this day. Or, tell me what you value in a close relationship… without going into too many personal details 🙂

I have one such friend. We don’t talk regularly these days, but when we get together it’s like we were fourteen again, like time hasn’t passed. I can say anything to this friend without fear of passed judgement. It’s a nice feeling, and I feel lucky to have this person in my life.


bw friday - two guys walking


  1. I’ve met my best friend 25 years ago. These days, we still talk almost every days. Thanks to a new technology like mobile phones and mobile applications. However, we rarely meet in person because she has already been married while I’m still single so she usually spend her free time with her family. But we have this appointment that we must go to book fairs that are held twice a year in our city. It is our tradition.
    I also have another best friend whom I’ve met 20 years ago. We still keep connection even though she is now living in another country but we try to find time talking via Skype so we can catch up what’s happening in our life.
    I can talk various topics with these two person. Some with one, others with another one. They know my good and bad sides as well as I to them.
    I think I’m lucky to have them in my life.

    1. Those are wonderful stories, thank you for sharing. It’s so nice that many of us have people we can count on. And with all of the technology available to us, it’s that much easier to maintain those important relationships that hay have fizzled out if we were born a couple of generations ago.

  2. I met my best friend 47 years ago. We know each other’s hearts. We have been through triumphs and tragedies and yet our friendship has survived the distance of me living halfway around the world from her for the last 30 years. My life would have been much less without her.

  3. Now I meet my best friend something like 1 time each season, but we talk together almost daily. We used to meet and hang out weekly and more – often hung out from Thursday to Sunday, but that was when we lived in the same city and same country.
    I’ve moved around a lot, so I don’t have any friends from kindergarden, the embryonic stage or elementary school. I’ve known my best friend for 17/18 years, but our friendship has developed and matured over time.

  4. Great shot. Nice use of B&W photo too. I met my best friend 23 years ago on the first day of sixth grade. We don’t talk as much as we like these days, but the love never leaves. She’s an amazing woman.

    1. Hannah, you just gave away your age 😮

      Just kidding, thanks so much for sharing the story. I still have one friend from elementary school, but my closest friend and I met in gym class in grade nine.

  5. I feel blessed to have two such friends in my life. One, I met in graduate school; the other, in a new neighborhood at time when everyone was just beginning to build their families. We live in separate states now, but each is never far from my thoughts, despite time passing too quickly between our visits (usually over the phone).

    The composition in your photo is so compelling. My eye is certainly drawn to the men in the foreground, but I also am drawn to the group of three young ladies in the background because of your lighting choices. I see the photo as a wonderful juxtaposition of “old” versus “young relationships.”

    1. Thanks so much for sharing. You truly are lucky to have two such wonderful friends in your life. I’m lucky that I grew up in a small town with a close knit group of friends, but I definitely have one BEST friend.

      Thanks for the comment on the image 🙂

    1. I love this story! And the image you used is so fantastic. I just love these old images, and it’s so great that you have this of your great grandfather. Your writing is always excellent.

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