Toronto Flood 2087

***First thing’s first. I was extremely excited yesterday to find out that my blog was used and featured as an example in this post by Krista at WordPress, explaining how to effectively tag your posts. This is part of their Hot Off the Press segment, where I ALWAYS find helpful tips and tricks for better blogging. The post is called “Better Tagging for Increased Traffic***

Now, on to today’s post…

This is purely speculation, but I recently saw our independent and uber-hipster newspaper NOW Magazine feature an image of the CN Tower on it’s cover being half buried in water. The heading read, “What Future Weather Looks Like”.

I obviously didn’t take the time to read the article, and I hope that NOW hasn’t started catering to the “fear factor” media ploy of mainstream media, but it goes to show how powerful an image can be when it caught my eye while I was supposedly focused on shooting an old building with really cool doors and windows.

By the way, the building will be the feature of a future post.

flooding toronto now magazine



    1. Apropos predicting the weather & the future: The weather report is the most commonly used and known chaos theory that we have, long-term prediction of a chaos theory is impossible in general. Yet, a lot of people these days are predicting the weather in years to come…
      I smell bullshit.

  1. I visited the tower in say…. 1981 or so. Great city! During the last glaciations, the Great Lakes basin was much larger. Toronto would have been underwater.

    1. You’re absolutely right! I believe the glacier that covered Toronto was a couple miles deep. At our Science Centre, there is a model of what it looked like, as well as the CN Tower at the base of it for reference.

      I sure wouldn’t be here typing today if it was still like that 🙂

  2. Maybe it was an enticement for some huge disaster blockbuster movie, soon to be filming in Toronto? 😀 or, an incentive to the city developers to build even higher skyscrapers? Toronto will be known as the Venice of North America? Or something?

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