Midsummer Afternoon

Last week I shared my first collaboration post done with Nicole Sander, and I’m so happy that we received such a positive response about it. In our second collaboration, we bring you back to lazy summer afternoons that I’m sure most of us in the northern hemisphere are very much looking forward to seeing again soon.

Question – do you have a favorite summer memory? Be it from last summer, or from your childhood? Since it’s so cold and rainy in my city, I would  absolutely love for you to share a great summer story with us all in the comments.

old car - shane/nicole collab 2

It’s a muggy midsummer afternoon right before the rain begins. In the distance, the soft whirring of sprinkler systems give way to a warm breeze and the hearty smell of a sizzling barbecue. Soft bursts of children’s laughter echo in the balmy summer street. Somewhere inside, salsa music is playing and the soft clinking of glasses sounds amidst a joyful conversation. The first drop of rain has hit the pavement now, and the neighbors gathered outdoors are picking up to go inside. In summer spirit, nothing is better than a cool ride on a hot day.




      1. Hah, not even close! I shouldn’t complain then, since what I find cold is probably a nice spring day for you guys. I don’t remember the last time it dipped below 4 degrees Celcius in my city.

    1. Thanks for the visit!

      By growing up in Ontario, I think we probably had similar experiences. There’s not much different between our two parts of the continent… especially since they’re connected.

  1. Very nice! I always love how your photos feel. My favorite summers are without a doubt the summers I spent at my grandmother’s house. She lived on the Chesapeake Bay in Northern Virginia. There was lots of boating, fishing, puppies running around, catching lighting bugs at dusk and dancing in the evening rain. I remember running barefoot down dirt roads, gathering eggs from the hen house and harvesting the garden with my grandmother. I loved everything about it but the best thing was about it was my spending time with my grandmother. The memories of her and those summers always keep me warm.

  2. Such an interesting street, with what appears to be a mixture of homes and eclectic shops. The vintage car just adds to its feel. The photo wouldn’t have worked if there had been, say, a Toyota parked there ;-), but then I’m guessing you wouldn’t have chosen to shoot it if there had been. Together with Nicole’s beautiful prose, you have conjured up “vintage” memories of summer. For me, I remember mounds of spicy Maryland crab piled high on newspaper-covered picnic tables, the crack of the wooden mallets and the crunching of the nutcrackers as we worked to get at the delicious treat inside the shells. Adults drinking ice cold beer, the children, lemonade, to quench the pleasant burning of the spice. And always laughter, plenty of laughter, lasting well into the evening, under trees strung with paper lanterns and lights. It was magical.

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