Black (& White) Friday: Allan Gardens

Though the temperatures have been hovering just above zero degrees here lately, I have been dedicated to begin my season of biking to work. It’s a tad cold at the start of the ride, but I know how to dress, and I’m usually fine after a few minutes.

Last Friday, we actually had a few minutes of sunshine in the morning. So, I made the quick decision to alter my route and bike past Allan Gardens to see if I could snap some shots of the century old green house.

Truth be told, this part of town, and the park that attaches to the greenhouse is a bit sketchy. I’ve ridden through this area at all times of the day and night, and there have been times where I didn’t feel completely safe… but it’s all relative.

Anyway, the image I’ve chosen to share for this week’s black and white post is of the beautiful greenhouse, and it’s neighbouring playground. The greenhouse opened in 1858.

allan gardens & playground

I plan to do a follow-up post that’ll include some different angles.



  1. I love that building! Nice moody take on it. I biked through that park and down Sherbourne for a couple of years when work took me that way… Have always meant to go during open hours and take pictures inside the building. I think local photographer Michael O’Brien has a series from inside there. When I was biking down there, I started doing street shots with my phone from the handlebar of my bike with mixed results – a few shots here, if you’re inclined 🙂 –

    1. Kat, thanks so much for stopping by. I always enjoy chatting with you. I’ve biked through and around Alan Gardens for years, and I have never been inside. Since I”m moving, I’ll probably never get the chance so hopefully you’ll do it sometime and share what you see 🙂

      I just popped over to the post you linked in your comment. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

      What part of Toronto are you working in now?

      1. Recently have been over at the edge of Liberty Vilage / Parkdale – a fascinating part of town too, cause it is changing so very quickly. There is still the kind of grody vibe of Parkdale, but now there is this instant pop-up phenomenon of the sea of condos that have appeared in Liberty Village – so bizarre, such a quick transformation of a hood.
        Shane, I’m so sorry you are moving, it is indeed great fun to chat about this town. But I look forward to seeing your Ottawa images! I have a couple of dear friends there, so I manage to visit once in a while – it has its charms as well.

      2. I used to live at Davenport and Ossington, so I was around to witness the whole Liberty Village/Queen & Ossington transformation. It really is crazy how quickly neighbourhoods change.

        I’m a little sad to leave as well, because I’m really starting to like the city from a photographic perspective. I really hope Ottawa will inspire me as much as Toronto has.

        It would be really cool to meet you and the couple of other Toronto bloggers I’ve met on here before I go, but I’m not sure there’ll be time in the next four weeks. If you’re ever up for it, I’d love to grab a coffee and/or do a street portrait before I go, but I understand we’re all pretty busy.

      3. We’ll, I didn’t even know it was on to tell you the truth. But that explains the huge installation on King St, right outside my work. It’s of Richard Renaldi. Google him if you haven’t heard of him. Such a great project.

        I’ll have to look at the schedule to see what’s on, and when. Are you planning on any shows?

      4. Just picked up the catalogue yesterday – need to have a look at it, get some ideas for things to check out, but am totally open to suggestions.
        I’m off work, and also packing to move this month (to a different part of town, not a different city) so things are crazy but also flexible…

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