Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

In Toronto, spring has only one meaning… patios!

Each spring, after several months of hibernation from our long (and in the case of this past winter, extremely long) winters, we Torontonians pride ourselves in being among the first in the city to enjoy drinks on the many patios around town. We can often be found huddled in sunny pockets of a patio at the Black Bull, the Rivoli, or outside a Starbucks with our winter coats unzipped, and our toques tipped back, enjoying the pre-patio season.

The other thing you’ll find are the open store fronts, such as this shot of a girl making crepes at Cafe Crepe on Queen St, West. I love this place, and the massive crepe menu is absolutely delicious.

Question – since I asked her if it would be ok to take this shot, does it count as a street portrait? I’d like to think so, or perhaps an environmental portrait?

cafe crepe

P.S. I didn’t do anything with the lighting on her face. I’m pretty sure it’s either a reflection off the glass top in front of her, or a reflection from the windows of the Much Music building across the street.




  1. Love this pic! Except for the fact it really makes me want a crepe right now and there are no little shops like this near me! I am from a cold town as well and know exactly what you mean though. The entire town comes alive again after so many months of hibernation, not a sour face in site! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Sasha!

      You should make your own crepes if you don’t have a local spot that makes them. I found a really simple recipe online, and my kids love them. Stock’ em with some healthy filling and you’ve got a simple weekend lunch.

  2. Wonderful photo Shane, it’s cool you asked her! Those crepes are probably delicious! Spring in Toronto sounds really great! 🙂

    1. Hi Elina, thanks so much! Yes, crepes are one of my favorite things to eat, and I was telling Sasha in the comments above that I make my own at home. They’re actually very simple to do… and soooooo delicious 🙂

      1. We’ve also tried to make them but it’s hard to make such big and thin ones… Maybe we need to try harder, or get a better pan. 🙂

  3. Shane, In my opinion it still counts as a street portrait! I think street photography doesn’t talk only about unexpected situations/shots, but the whole story built by the photographer before pressing the button. If you asked her, it means nothing but an extra special touch for the whole story you chose to tell. Without even mentioning that this behavior is actually much more “ethical” 🙂 I am always very afraid that someone that I just shot runs after me asking for either delete the picture or something worse. PS: Now a funny observation on how photography can be fascinating: if you crop this picture in the girl’s shoulders, I would say her head is burning. Lol! Love it 🙂

    1. Thatiana, thanks so much for your comment. I really enjoy our chats.

      I agree, I think it’s a street portrait too… an environmental portrait. It was a lot of fun watching her make the crepes. She wworked very quickly between the two hot plates.

      I hope you’re surviving without your camera 😦

      1. Have you bought at least one crepe after the shot? I really hope you did! I would be huuungry after watching her prepare it 😀
        It’s being hard without the camera, that’s why I ended up buying another one this week (without actually having the budget for that…). I got another Canon 600D, but this time with a 18-135mm lens! I’m like a little child waiting for it to arrive!

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