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For two weeks in April, I participated in the WordPress Blogging 201 series in an effort to improve my blog and find out how to grow my blogging community in ways other than have a post randomly selected to be Freshly Pressed. One of the assignments was to do a reader poll.

horse cop

So, this post is dedicated to hearing from you and listening to what you want to see (or don’t want to see) on my blog in the future. The thing I love most about blogging is connecting with all of you, generating discussions in both my and your comments, and finding out more about each of you. Once my boys get a little bigger, I can’t wait to start travelling again with myΒ and meeting some of you in person. After all, I’ve spoken to several of you about hooking up either here in Canada, or when I’m travelling.

Also, I welcome any further thoughts in the comments section below.



    1. Shane I am glad you asked this question as I am sure a lot of us scratch our heads over this! I sometimes wonder if bloggers even read what I write! Post a picture, bam, everyone likes it! Post a poll or survey, little results. Post a writing post and it’s almost “who cares!” just show us the pictures! I like the people images, but I also like the story and the architecture and the tips and the writing! I must be weird!

      1. Thanks so much for your comment. I agree with what you say 100%. For the most part, it’s hard to tell what people like about my blog, but once in a while it becomes quite clear what works… or strikes a chord.

        I’m just hoping that I get a bit of feedback from this post, so I know that I’m either on the right track, or I need to make changes.

        Thanks again for your input πŸ™‚

  1. Honestly, I am drawn to your blog because you keep me interested. You have a variety of posts, you are pushing your own comforts, your photographs are interesting and I can see that you care. You care about your subjects you photograph, your town you live in, the streets you walk, the words you write, the places you visit, your family, your followers. It is refreshing.

    1. Thanks Carrie,

      You’re always so kind and thoughtful, and I love our chats. I actually have a fairly strong feeling that most people don’t actually read my posts, and simply click the “like” icon from their reader because even though I may have 40 or 50 likes on a post, my stats have dropped considerably of late.

      I know that I haven’t been as engaging on other blogs in the past couple of weeks, and my stats drop is either because of that, or it’s because the stats may not take the reader into account unless they click into the blog post from their reader.

      One of the wonderful Automaticians follows my blog, so perhaps she can weigh into this with her thoughts if she sees this post.

      I also know that only a small percentage of my “followers” will actually engage. That’s just the way these social platforms go. I’m definitely grateful for the key bloggers like you who I speak with on a regular basis. You guys definitely make the work well worth it.

      1. That issue with 40 to 50 likes (although I am not there yet) and only a handful of “views” is so strange to me. I do think that your posts are short and concise, on purpose, and when viewed in someone’s reader, they can see the gist of your post from there and chose to “like or not” easily.
        Comments, of course consuming more time, are so much more engaging. I find it sad when I write a meaningful comment, this has never happened on your blog but many others, and get no response. I can’t imagine not writing back to someone who has taken that time to write.
        Your drop in stats, could be for many reasons, mainly the fall off after being “freshly pressed” and featured by wordpress in other ways and on Leanne’s Cole’s blog. That was a couple weeks worth of fame πŸ™‚
        I was a bit disappointed with the blogging 201 suggestions. Nothing that felt fresh and creative, mostly things I see blogs already doing. The poll suggestion doesn’t really fit with my blog, at least I don’t think. I am really continuing to think of a creative way to collaborate with another blogger. I haven’t quite pinned down how I want to do it yet. But, overall, the best thing I got out of it was looking at the functionality of my blog, I have a lot more people continuing to look around after changing my tabs at the top and related posts with photos under each post.
        Always good to share my two cents with you. There are people, like me, reading and enjoying your work!

  2. Unfortunately the poll only allows you to pick on attribute. I not only enjoy your people images but your architectural ones as well. But I really enjoy your writing style which combined with your images keeps me coming back. I read your response to Carrie above. while I think some people tend to click on the like button and move on without having read the post (I feel that way on my blog at times) I think there’s a core readership who truly cares about what you have to say and how you say it. And we probably should meet one of these days as I think we both work in the same general area downtown πŸ™‚

    1. Edith, thanks so much for your thoughts πŸ™‚ I think I had the option to allow you to pick multiple options in the poll, but I elected to leave it as just a single option. Maybe I was hoping that it would help stimulate the comments a bit more… but I kind of forget.

      I think it all boils down to those core relationships, and everything else is just there to boost our egos… but maybe I’m wrong.

      I’d love to meet one of these days. I’m only downtown until the 16th. After that I’ll be home packing and getting ready to move to Ottawa at the end of the month. If you have time between now and the end of next week, feel free to shoot me an email and we can try to arrange to meet. I’m on King, right next to the Royal Alex.

      1. Weird, I just checked it to make sure I typed it in correctly, and it’s right. Maybe try again? Alternatively, you could just send a quick.note through my contact page. That’ll come to me and I’ll then have your email.

  3. I’d have to agree with what most people are saying here that I read your posts for all of the voting options above, but could only choose one so chose my favourite. Don’t be disheartened by the low votes for writing style, I think you have a great and very readable blog, it’s just that your photos are stunning, so that’s what gets the popular vote. P.S. Even though I follow you, your posts don’t always show in my reader and I have to seek them from my emails, but it’s always worth it. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for leaving your thoughts about this.

      It seems that those of you who I engage with regularly seem to enjoy all or most aspects of the blog. It’s also interesting to find out that my posts don’t show up in your reader. I wonder why that is. However, I’m superheroes that you make the effort to seek me out on your own. I can’t believe it… thanks so much. That totally made my day πŸ™‚

      And no, I’m not upset by the low votes on my writing. My primary focus on this blog is the image that I share each day. I like to put some words down, but I also like to keep it short and sweet if I can.

      Thanks again Katie.

  4. I only just started following your blog, but your street and architecture photography is what drew me here. That said, your writing style is direct and engaging, which I also appreciate, so add me to the ‘all the above’ group!

    1. Thanks for the feedback… I really appreciate it. I’m honoured, especially considering the quality of your work. Your blog is insane, and I love every post I’ve looked at so far.

      I’m really glad you found me, because it allowed me to learn of you. Can’t wait to see more of your stuff.

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