Black (& White) Friday: Best Makeout Spot & Gothic Church Tower

Just a couple of blocks up the street from my work is St. George-The-Martyr Anglican Church, a beautiful little old Gothic-style church that once stood as a navigation point for ships coming into the Toronto harbour (when the harbour was much further inland then it’s current border).

The church opened on November 9, 1845 as part of expansion of Anglican churches that were being constructed to accommodate the bulging Toronto population of 18,000 people.

Since shooting different locations around the city over the past couple of years, I have realized that you can learn a great deal about the history of your community through these old churches, and they fascinate me more and more each time I see one.

I also learned that this church is one of the best makeout spots in the city according to this blogTO article. Just a little known fact that I thought I’d share.

Question – If you were to give any of us a walking tour of your town or city, what would you take us to first? Why do you like it so much? what sorts of things (structures, people, whatever) are you most drawn to your your town or city?

st george the martyr church


  1. Wow – the black & white just makes such a powerful statement with this shot! Excellent!

  2. Intriguing photograph top to bottom. I LOVE the white doors.
    Hmm where would I take someone in my town? I would take them to the neighborhood I live in. It is very unique and interesting compared with what I refer to as “the mayhem” down the hill. The Mayhem is on the order of 4 million people in 20 square miles, too many freeways, crazy traffic and no trees.
    My neighborhood is tucked away, people who live in my town, some have never even been up here. Each house is individual, the streets are barely 1 car wide, neighbors look you in the eye and it feels like I am camping but get to sleep in a comfy real bed every night.
    Every person I have introduced to this neighborhood gets their camera out right when they get out of their car 🙂 Speaking of which, I think I need to start taking photographs of what is right outside my doorstep. Happy Friday!

    1. Carrie, that sounds amazing! Where do you live?

      It sounds a little like my part of town. Toronto is complete mayhem, but my neighbourhood has a suburban feel even though it’s in one of the trendiest parts of the city.

      You make your neighbourhood sound incredible. I’d love to see it.

      1. Oh I would love to see you photograph this little neighborhood and to take a walk with you here. Of course, bringing your family, I think our boys are similar ages.
        I live in Sierra Madre, CA almost as high up as you can drive. If you are ever in Southern California let me know, I would love to show you around here. Sierra Madre itself is unique. It is trying to maintain that small town 1950’s vibe with a vibrate little league, old fashion 4th of July parade and tons of town activities.
        My neighborhood is hidden away, the houses are super close together, it feels like beach homes but in the woods. Tons of tall oaks, tiny streets and everyone knows each other. It is really fun! You have inspired me 🙂 I will try to capture the essence of this neighborhood and post it.

      2. Oh man, that sounds AMAZING!! You absolutely have to share some shots of your area.

        We have friends in San Fran, but I have no idea where that is in relation to your area. California seems so massive, and I have no sense of where anything is. My province is probably bigger than CA, but everyone is concentrated along the US border (for the most part) so it’s a lot easier to figure out where the different towns and cities are. The rest of the province is made up of lakes and forests.

      3. I have a very good friend who lived in Toronto for most of her life, she misses it terribly.
        I am about a 7 hr drive south from San Francisco. If you are familiar at all with U.S. college football I am really close to the Rose Bowl.

        They refer to this neighborhood as “The Canyon”. I am so happy to have found this place. We just moved here a year ago in June.
        I will definitely try to capture the essence of this place. It isn’t an easy job since everything is so close together and people are so private. An early morning walk with the thousands of birds cheering me on sounds about right.

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