Black (& White) Friday: Tourists!

Toronto is a very touristy city… much like any large city I would imagine. But, the thing I see happening more and more is people taking photos with their iPads. I’m baffled at this because I just can’t see how it could be easy to take pictures with the darn thing.

I found these two as they were completely overwhelmed by the beauty of Old City Hall

Notice the difference in the level of interest between the father and daughter. I love it!

Question – When you’re out doing touristy things, what’s your preferred camera for capturing the sights?

touristsHave you visited Leanne Cole’s blog yet? If not, then head over there and be amazed by her amazing work and information. She is a wonderful photographer and blogger, and she co-hosts a weekly black and white photo post called Monochrome Madness that showcases images from several of us who participate. Anyone can join in, so if you would like to showcase your best b&w then I encourage you to shoot her a message.




  1. Always have my iPhone with me and that is my only camera. Love the photos I can take with it. Yes, Leanne’s blog is very good, I’ve been following it for a while now. Very inspiring!

    1. I’m constantly blown away with the quality of iPhone photos. I have an android phone, and I like it, but androids definitely don’t compare when it comes to the camera feature.

      I agree, Leanne is very inspiring.

      1. Seeing your photo in Leanne’s Monochrome Madness post today reminded me what a wonderful photo it is. So narrative, and yet technically well composed and processed. One of my favourites in this week’s lineup.

      2. Way, way, way too kind… but I chose to approve your comment anyway 🙂

        Thank you so much for making my day and I’m glad you liked the image. I’m lucky to have found those two.

  2. I always wonder at this phenomenon too, iPads have many uses, but using it as a compact camera, surely there’s a better way? When out doing “touristy” things, I try and fit my Nikon D5100 in my bag, if not I’d use my phone. Great picture by the way, I wonder what he photographing?

    1. I’m using the same camera and love how user friendly it is.

      He is photographing our Old City Hall, which you can see a little of if you click on the link in the post. I also plan to showcase the building in a future post. It’s a beautiful old building.

      1. It is a great camera, so versatile and easy to use. My current aim is to use the manual mode, its making me think a bit more. Your Old City Hall is a very elegant building, I hope he got a decent photo!

  3. Great shot Shane, love the contrast between the two people’s attention as you mention. I’m also baffled by people taking photos with an iPad, it just always look so awkward! I guess for a lot of people it might be the only camera they have.

    I’m using my Sony NEX 6 at the moment, regardless of where I am. Although I would like to upgrade my phone to something with a better camera. That would be handy to always have something in my pocket! My 6 year old iPhone doesn’t really cut it anymore…

    1. Hey Ben, always great chatting with you.

      Like you said, the awkwardness is what baffles me but I also realize that it may be the only camera. The interesting thing is that when people use the iPad, they look similar to sketch artists. I guess it could be likened to that, only much quicker to capture.

      I started with a NEX 3 and have used it for most of the photos you’ll see on the blog, but I recently switched to a Nikon d5100. I’m still trying to figure out which has the better image quality, but the Nikon is much easier to use.

      1. Interesting you made a switch back to a DSLR. What is it about the Nikon you find easier to use? I’m still using solely the NEX 6, and whilst there are a couple of gaps in its functionality I certainly don’t have any issue with the image quality. Still, an A7r would be nice…

      2. I agree, the A7r would definitely be amazing. My NEX 3 doesn’t have any dials, so if I want to change my settings, I have to always look at the back of my camera and use the wheel and a button for ISO, aperture and shutter speed adjustments. I don’t think you have this problem with the 6. Mine also lacks a viewfinder which makes the whole photo process feel a little less stable.

        Image quality is amazing, but handling feels a little too amateur for my liking. I was thinking of making a switch to the NEX 6, but I didn’t feel it was worth it. The Nikon was given to me.

      3. Ah yes, that is annoying. I’d forgotton the NEX 3 didn’t have those features. They were the two main reasons (viewfinder and dial) that I went for the NEX 6. Sounds like you made a good switch!

  4. You made me realize that my wife and I are like the father and daughter as to interests. lol I guess opposites still attract each other.

    Love your photography—mine is all cell-phone.

    1. Oh man, that’s quite a nice setup you’ve got at your fingertips. I’d love to try a Hassey or some other medium format for portraits sometime. I just love the amazing detail that comes out of those cameras.

      Thanks for retweeting this by the way… I’m honoured 🙂

  5. There are worse things – I was at Uluru, watching the sunset, and someone was taking a picture of it using their macbook that they’d set up on a fence post… I’m as much an Apple fan as the next person, but that’s a little much!

    I’ve either got my DSLR with me, or a compact camera. In a pinch, I will use my phone, but prefer not too – I am utterly hopeless at taking pictures with it! And since I’m that bad with my phone, I think I’d be even worse with an ipad.

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