Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Art has got to be one of the most subjective things on our fine planet. As bloggers, we all make art, whether it’s through the images we post, or the words we weave… but not mine šŸ™‚

I pass this guy quite often when I’m out for walks, and this time I decided to stop and capture him while he focused on his art. He uses a variety of bricks and rocks, and meticulously balances each piece on its finest point. I have absolutely no idea how he does it, and he often draws a crowd while he works. All of the people in the background were watching him as I approached, but the left by the time I found my angle.

I would love to know more about him…

balancing art



  1. This is great, I remember seeing a programme about stone balancing on the telly, it was fascinating. It’s an amazing skill, with such good effects. šŸ™‚

      1. I forgot to say (how rude of me!), I love your picture, you’ve caught the moment just right, with the street artist balancing that top stone and the other guy watching. Great shot. šŸ™‚

      1. Haha. I’m laughing, but I really shouldn’t be. Besides, most homeless people in Cali are from here anyway I think.

        I was totally fascinated by the hippies biking around the SF area when I was there. such an interesting culture to me.

      2. I love it here too actually…I guess that’s why I made that snarky remark lol. I grew up on Oakland and have always hung around Berkeley, Oakland and SF. I remember going to Telegraph avenue in the early 70’s when I was a teenager and practically getting a contact high walking down that street. What? Every town isn’t like this??? lol

      3. I have to admit I love it here. We’ve traveled a lot and the Bay Area just has so many things to do plus it’s visually beautiful. Wait…maybe I just should’ve said it sucked, lol.

  2. Shane, I love how you captured him in the moment of balancing one stone, while poised to put a very large block on top. I also had fun zooming in to see all the wonderful details of the photo (I do this for all your photos!), and saw the stack behind his head. Incredible. Isn’t it wonderful that art takes so many varied forms? šŸ™‚ Great submission.

    1. Ya, I liked the other guy too. I like that his face is shaded because he doesn’t really matter to the story, but you can almost feel his intensity from his body language.

      Hope all is well on the other side if the world šŸ™‚

      1. Oh yeah, you don’t need to see his face to know he’s intrigued! All well here, counting the days to get to visit your side of the world, which I blame you and your amazing photos for!!

      2. I sure am! Will have 6 weeks in 9 cities across USA/Canada/Mexico, including New Years Eve in Toronto! Already planning a lot of the Toronto itinerary around your blog, so thank you hehe

      3. That’s sounds fantastic! It’s too bad I’m moving out of the city in a couple weeks, but if you need any tips on what to see or where to go, don’t hesitate to ask. Any plans to visit ottawa? That’s where I’ll be. It’s out capital and it’s beautiful… especially in the winter when you’re planning to visit. It’s a four hour train ride east of Toronto.

        Super glad some of my shots have inspired you to visit the city.

      4. Ohh haha how’s that for timing?! Just Toronto this trip – we have a friend over there and we owe him a visit šŸ™‚ will definitely keep in touch though and annoy you for tips if you don’t mind! Thank you!!

  3. I feel like I’d want to join him. Interesting! I did an internship on the Navajo Reservation when I was younger and I used to see stones stacked up on each other. Someone told me they were prayer stones. Anyway, this picture and this guy’s pastime reminds me of that.

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