Street Walking: Open Saturday’s

There’s no shortage of places to eat around the city, but when in doubt, why not head to one of our gourmet street meat vendors?

This image actually reminds me of the hot dog vendor that served my university campus for more than twenty-five years. He died in 2007, while I was still in university, but he was a legend in Toronto. Each year, he donated the proceeds from one day’s sales to a needy student. The amount donated was $500 and went to a student who was in desperate need of some extra cash during his or her second semester. You can read about him, and see a pic of him here.

Just one of the many things that made my university far superior to the other major university in the city 😉

Question – What’s your favorite comfort food when you’re starving and you’re in a pinch?

street meat



  1. Incredible story! What a generous man and what an honor it must have been to have known him. As for my favorite food in a pinch… .25 cent peanuts, a banana and tea.

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