Black (& White) Friday: Upstairs

I recently shared a post about my trip through The Great Library, but in that post, I only displayed photos from the library itself.

For this week’s black and white image, I thought I’d share the staircase that leads you up to that beautiful library.

Once passed security, you find yourself in this small room that leads in four directions. Two exits lead up to the gorgeous stained glass ceilings on the second floor and the library, and the other two exits lead you elsewhere.

The colour version shows off the lovely almost teal blue carpet that lines the staircase, but I thought that the black and white edit was much more powerful.




  1. Straight out of the 40”s. I half expect a gangster and his lady to walk down the stairs in all their finery and a violin case at his side… great photo once again with mood.

  2. Agreed the B&W treatment really works here. Love the lighting and the detail on that ceiling is great. I guess that might have been lost a little in the colour version? Nice work as always Shane!

  3. There are few things that I like more than libraries – except maybe excellent bw images of libraries, of which this is one! Excellent work! It makes me want to climb those stairs into the light… Nice composition and very nice work with the light.

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