My Toronto: The People

This is my final week in Toronto, and as of Thursday, I will officially be a resident of our Nation’s Capital… Ottawa.

As an ode to my first love of blogging and the wonderful city I’ve called home for more than ten years, and as a thank you to all of you forย constantly inspiring and motivating me to work on this blog each day, I thought I’d spend the rest of the week sharing some of my favorite moments.

I truly hope you enjoy them, and I`ll see you in the Capital…

Red baloons

Lomo X-Pro Chrome 100 on Minolta SRT 101 Kobi Street Portraitgirl & fursfashionable torontonew roadMinolta SRT 101 & Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100evening rush hourjimmy's coffeeSkateboard Dog



  1. Hope the move goes well and you love Ottawa as much as you clearly love Toronto. Looking forward to seeing your pics of the street life in Canada’s capital city. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good luck to you, Shane! Moving can be both exhilarating and exciting as well as heartbreaking all at once. I moved to Brooklyn last year. I love it but I miss it now and then.

    1. I agree Mary, I am looking forward to it, but I’ll also miss the great little community we’re leaving here. My neighbourhood is so great.

      Where did you move from?

      1. I moved from Long Island to Brooklyn. It’s about an hour drive from here (without traffic). So, yeah, I guess it’s not a huge move but adjusting to the city from the quiet little suburbs is huge for me.

    1. I know a tiny bit, but my wife is bilingual. We are so multicultural in Canada that English probably isn’t the number one language anymore. The central-east part of the country is primarily French speaking. My kids will be going to French immersion, so I’ll try to learn along with them.

  3. Looking forward to following you finding your way in Ottawa. We are on the precipice of a move too…daunting and exhilarating. Good luck with all the details falling into place.

  4. I almost got left in Ottawa on my sixth grade field trip from our school in Syracuse, New York. I loved the area. I hope you enjoy living there!

  5. So much fun to “relive” these wonderful images (I especially like the red balloons!). As others have already said, can’t wait to see your new neighborhood! Bon voyage ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Good luck with the move. I really look forward to following your Ottawa adventures. I have yet to visit our Capital, even though we rad so much closer now. Perhaps your photos will inspire us. I will, however, miss those familiar Toronto scenes.

      1. We do plan to go this summer. It has been crazy busy with family obligations over the past several years. (we both have elderly parents & young adult children-typical ‘sandwich’ generation)…

        I’ll be watching this blog for places to go, things to see, places to eat…you are my inspiration now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Where is that path with the crumbling walls and kid walking along?

    Best of luck for more interesting images in Ottawa area. Toronto has its own very diverse grittiness, etc.

    Are you going to do any carpentry in Ottawa area too?

    1. The walled path is at Riverdale Farm. There is one path that goes along the little paddocks for the animals and leads to the house at the back of the property, and then there’s another path that leads down along the ponds, and that is where you’ll find this walled path. This path isn’t always open because it easily floods from the surrounding ponds, but it takes you to the couple remaining cages of the old zoo.

      Thanks for the well wishes, and yes, I’ll definitely be doing some of my handy work in Ottawa ๐Ÿ™‚

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