My Toronto: The Architecture

Yesterday, I posted the first instalment in my mini-series highlighting my favorite images of Toronto, and if you’ve missed it you can see my people images here.

Today’s post is all about the historical architecture that I find so fascinating about Toronto. It’s unfortunate that I won’t be here to show you so much more that this great city has to offer, but Ottawa boasts an equally impressive architectural past and I can’t wait to start sharing that with you.

So, here is a little walk down memory lane with some of my favorite Toronto architectural images. I’ll lead off with one that has been hugely popular on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds.

front st shops closeupharbour 60tip top tailor - ghost signking eddy cornerMinolta SRT 101 & Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100flatiron looking upmassey hallrom 3st george the martyr colour library wide angle



  1. I have to say that your style ofToronto makes it look grittier and dimmer than how I perceived it since I did live there for over 20 years and still visit annually since I have family there. I actually consider Toronto highly creative and dynamic…than Calgary. Seriously.

    Toronto has some intriguing historic architecture and I took it all for granted until I moved out to Vancouver and Calgary. Both of these cities don’t have really old architecture.

    1. Hi Jean,

      I know what you mean. Most of these shots were taken throughout fall and winter, and it definitely was dim and grey for the past few months.

      I really am a bright and cheery guy, but I’m definitely drawn to the editing in Tim Burton movies and the.current comic book movies, so maybe that shows through my personal editing style. Who knows. I basically just go with what looks good to me at the time.

      Hope all is well in the west. It certainly is bright and cheery here in Ottawa. It’s a nice change from the winter we’ve had.

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