Mohawks and Street Cars

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you’ve missed this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, I’d love for you to head over to The Daily Post and participate because it is hosted by yours truly. I am beyond honoured to have been asked to be a guest blogger for WordPress, and I look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions. The challenge theme is Documentary.

mohawk on queen

Now, on to today’s post…

One of the things I aim to do with my photography, is to try to throw myself, and by extension you, into the scene. I often talk about being an intense people watcher, and I think my curiosity in people’s “stories” help fuel my photographic interests.

I saw this guy walking toward me while I was at an intersection one day, and his mohawk caught my attention. My first reaction was to ask him if I could take his portrait on the corner, but something didn’t feel quite right. It wasn’t until he stepped in front of me that I saw the elements come together, and I had my shot.

I find that you often don’t need to see a person’s face to capture a strong scene. For me, this image is strong because of several factors – the subject’s stoic stance in the face of the chaos waiting across the street, his isolation from the rest of the scene, the trademark streetcar which adds a sense of place, the shadow falling to the subject’s side, the historic architecture in the distance paired with the subject’s trending sense of style.

I feel that this is a scene that truly depicts life in Toronto, and I think it’s for that reason that I really seem to like it.

Sorry to blather on today, but I guess I just felt like sharing my feelings on the image.

Have a fantastic Monday everyone! 🙂




  1. Hi, Shane. Loved hearing your thoughts on this great image. Helps to get into that “documentary” frame of mind needed for this week’s challenge 🙂 I actually went out on the streets of DC the other night, and as I looked for shots, I kept thinking about all your wonderful images. I had a lot of fun!

      1. WOW. It really means a lot since my english is not the best! I guess we all are more fluent when we are ourselves. Thanks for the support, and for sharing your perspective of this wonderful city with all of us!

  2. Excellent shot & write up! I like how you mention “the subject’s stoic stance in the face of the chaos waiting across the street” The epitome of T.O.! Are you missing the hustle & bustle?

    1. Thanks KL! And, no I’m not missing the hustle and bustle one bit. Wait till you guys see it here. I play all day in the back yard with the boys and the 12ft hedges make it seem like there isn’t anyone else around.

      However, I do miss the instant photo ops. I hope to get out around here very soon.

  3. One of my deliberate intentions in Hammer Home is to shoot people’s faces less than I normally do. When I watch people, I observe their body movements and postures a lot and; therefore, photograph those aspects of the ongoing dynamics a lot. I have quite a few back of the heads and total rearward shots.

    I also have a lote of images in which I’ve photographed people from a distance instead of being relatively closer. By being at adistance, I am able to see and shoot the language of their entire bodies easier that when I’m up close and taking in other details.

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