Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Extra, Extra! Read all about it, two-year-old artist prodigy takes nation by storm!

Well, not really, but the topic of this week’s photo challenge keeps making me think of newspaper boys peddling the daily news on the streets of big cities in the 1920s.

I finally had the chance to get out  and see a bit of my new city this past Saturday when we took a family trip to the National Gallery.

Ottawa is such a beautiful city, and it has tremendous cycling paths. On Saturday, my wife, two boys, and I cycled downtown to visit the National Gallery of Canada. The city has two major waterways running through it, the Ottawa River, and the Rideau Canal. Our cycling route took us on a beautifully scenic route along the Canal. I’ll be making many more trips along this route and will share what I see in future posts, but for my contribution to this week’s challenge, I thought I’d share this image from the day.

While taking in the visual beauty that hangs on the walls of the gallery, I caught my younger son in a brief moment of silence and stillness as he took in the beauty of a mountain landscape.

national gallery of canada


  1. I do really love your photos. I usually don’t really like other “Perfect” photos which is tooo peerrrrfect that I don’t see it as real as how it have to be. Too beautiful that it seems fake.

    But there’s something about your photos which is make it different. It’s perfect, but in the same time, it capture reality.

    I love photography too but I still can’t do it right yet. Would you mind to visit my blog and give me short lesson or advice or even simple comment about how the photos are should be?
    come visit if you are pleased!

    And thank you so much, for the inspirations I got from you 😀

  2. Yes, the title this week made me think of the old newspaper vendors too 🙂 Lovely image Shane. That’s the magic of art, that a piece can just completely captivate you! I have a few favourites in London galleries that I could happily sit and stare at for hours 🙂

    1. I bet there are some great pieces in London. We have a group of painters from the late 1800s-early 1900s called The Group of Seven. They painted so many famous Canadian landscapes, and even their back yard gardens for that matter.

      1. Oh the London Galleries are amazing!! There’s something for everyone 🙂 I love sitting in front of any Turner painting! The way he used light just draws you right into the painting. My favourite painting is in The National Gallery, The Rokeby Venus by Diego Velazquez 🙂

  3. Did he pull up that chair himself or was it already there? Love his sweet hands on both arm rests, his body not yet big enough to rest arms there. I would easily stare at this painting for a long while too, it is gorgeous and bubbling with thoughts.
    Great post.

  4. Sarah Longes just sent me a link to this picture, and I had to laugh – I just posted a very similar shot from the National Gallery of Art in DC (seriously, even the floorboards look similar – I wonder if there is a National Gallery standard flooring shop?)

    I really like this picture, you’ve captured a lovely quiet portrait of your son. I would be printing this!

    1. Erin, that’s too funny. I bet there is a National Gallery flooring shop, but if not, maybe we should start a joint venture 🙂

      I loved your image as well. There’s something about capturing candid moments of children from behind. They’re always extremely honest or something.

  5. Shane, clearly he is as captivated by visual imagery as his dad 🙂 I love that others have suggested framing this – a picture within a picture – perfect capture of a lovely moment of your son.

    1. Hi Stacy,

      Yes, he might be genuinely interested in art. I know my older son is. My dad, who is the real artist (and photographer) in the family spends a lot of time doing art projects with the boys. They improve with every session.

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