Street Walking: Chatelet

Today, I’ll bring you back to visit my old stomping ground in Toronto. While out walking on a gloomy spring day, I stumbled on a very cute little shop that brings French country to us city slickers. The shop is called Chatelet.

Though I had hoped to, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit the store to see the other beautiful items it surely offered, however, I was very taken with the items displayed outside and would recommend that you visit this little shop on your next visit to Toronto.

_DSC0297_DSC0306_DSC0307_DSC0309 _DSC0310 _DSC0312 _DSC0313 _DSC0299




  1. Love shops like these. Treasure troves of, well, treasures. Enjoyed the shopping trip – and didn’t even spend a cent 😉 Seriously, wonderful photos, Shane! And Paris and Italy? Most definitely!

    1. Thanks again! It really was a cute little place and I wish I had the chance to go into it, but since there’s such a strong French culture here in Ottawa, I’m sure I’ll stumble on another store like this one soon.

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