Black (& White) Friday: Hunting Dinosaurs

Last week, I took my younger son to the Canadian Museum of Nature. It’s a fantastic museum that looks like a castle, and it has a superb dinosaur exhibit. It’s a relatively large museum, but not quite as big as the ones I’m used to seeing in Toronto, but it happens to have one of the best dinosaur exhibits in the country.

There are some excellent fossil collections, and I believe they say that more than 80% of the bones are original. But there’s also a room with a few imitation dinos that look very true to life. My two year old loves this room, and can’t seem to get enough of touching these big prehistoric pets.




    1. Thanks Leanne, it really seemed as though the textures could come through stronger in black and white. Ya, I was surprised that we could touch them too. That would never happen in Toronto.

    1. Thanks so much Laura, I played around with the processing quite a bit, and when I got it to this point, I was really happy. The colour wasn’t bad because I liked the tones, but it just seemed more real in b/w.

    1. Ha, thanks! He really seems to love these things. We had to go back again before we left the museum. It’s funny, cause he’s a little frightened of other large animals at times.

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