Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Living in a large city changes you, nobody can deny that. Growing up on a farm, in a small town, working outdoors on lush green golf courses does wonders for the soul, and for the mind. But when you move to the big city, chaos ensues. You are suddenly surrounded by steel and concrete, endless noise, and night that never appears darker than sunset.

Living in Toronto changed me. It changed how I thought, how I acted, and how I reacted. Life was fast paced, stress was endlessly imminent. I felt as though the cheery and optimistic small town boy was gone. I felt caught between who I was, and who I was to become. I was becoming little more than a long exposure…

much music building toronto



  1. Hopefully your move will allow that young boy his need for some space and quiet. I know what you are talking about, even though we don’t live in the heart of any city, you can’t really get away from the busy energy or concrete when you live in a place with millions of others.
    We are moving, in a month, to a town of thousands…with no other towns within hours. I find myself smiling for no reason lately, knowing it is happening.

    1. Well good luck with your move as well. You’re probably getting into the thick of it at this point, but it’ll all settle once you turn the key 🙂

      I think that the change of scenery has done wonders for me so far. I’ve been doing so much cycling with the boys, and the privacy offered by the 10-12 foot hedges around our property is so welcome. I felt like we were living in a shoebox before… but that’s pretty much what you get when you live in the big cities.

  2. Wow! I can so relate to this.
    This is a wonderful between post!
    Im a country girl who lived in the city for 26 years.. It was too much!
    Now I live in the wide open spaces again with my city boy who loves the country.
    Wishing you peace, stillness when you need it and thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Robyn!

      Though Ottawa is still a city, it’s a much smaller city and much more laid back. I’m really enjoying it here and very glad that we finally made the move. I don’t even remember why I used to be so hesitant.

      1. Thats great to hear Shane! Hope you settle really soon and love it there 🙂
        Change is uncertain at any time. We moved two years ago and even though I wanted to go, I was hesitant.
        Enjoy Ottawa. Im enjoying these posts of yours 🙂

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