I have one friend who I love riding in taxis with. He always sits up front with the driver and asks him all sorts of questions. We’ve learned a lot, and heard some outrageous stories. Whether they were true or not didn’t matter, they made for an enjoyable ride in a city riddled with gridlock. Through these many late night rides I learned an important lesson. Taxi drivers are real people, with souls, lives, families to feed… and great stories to tell.

They’re probably just waiting for an open ear to jump in their cars. So, next time you’re in a taxi maybe think about striking up a conversation with the driver. You never know where the conversation will lead…

toronto taxi


  1. Hahahaha all my entire life… In my country (Venezuela) it can be dangerous. I kind of miss it. They tell you all kind of stories! Here in canada all the caps worry about is driving you through the longest route… I won’t change my bike for anything now, but that’s another story (;

    1. You’re smart to stick with your bike, and you can bike for quite a bit of the year in Toronto, although nothing like in Venezuela πŸ™‚

      As for cab rides, you really have to know your streets so you don’t get fooled and pay too much.

  2. I love how it looks like you snuck in there to take the photo. Kind of like you were peeking in on the taxi and these people. πŸ™‚ That what I feel anyway.

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