Dogs In The City

I’ve never really understood how one could care for a dog when living in the city. Having grown up in the country, I am used to opening my back door and letting my four-legged pals run free until they decided to come back in for a meal or to escape the heat of the summer.

I often think that it must be so hard for animals to live in the city. It certainly isn’t their natural habitat, and I always wonder how comfortable they feel as they mingle with hundreds of feet on the sidewalks each day.

I don’t actively seek out dogs when I’m out shooting, but I seem to have accumulated a bit of a dog photo collection. My personal favorite is the first one. See if you can figure out why. Hint – read the sign, and then look at the expression on his face… yowzers!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Tomorrow is Canada’s birthday… happy Canada Day!

_DSC0002_DSC0378 _DSC0117-2 _DSC0384 _DSC0394


  1. you grabbed some great dog shots – and I just so happened to get two over the weekend – it was unexpected – and one was a rescue form mexico.

    anyhow, I love the variety!

    also, a long time ago I heard a parenting analogy about the country dog and the city dog – just something for parents to think about – like why does the city dog burst out the front door when the crack is there whereas the country dog is free to roam but hovers around the porch.,ā€¦. well not really but the example is connected to freedom and giving kids space and choices.

    anyhow, great post! have a nice summer. šŸ™‚

  2. Great photos – I love the bulldog in his little raincoat!

    Dogs are as diverse and adaptable as people. Not every breed of dog needs the space and exercise required by a husky training for the Yukon Quest or a border collie herding sheep. And, in your photos, I see a bunch of dogs that got their people outdoors for some needed exercise.

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