Accents of Red

Surprise, surprise, another gloomy spring day before I moved from Toronto. But, when the weather is bad, I start to drool because I just love how the roads glisten and the vibrant colours pop from the scene. When I saw this guy crossing the street, I just had to capture him and his bright red pants… along with the other red accents scattered throughout the scene.



  1. I know that your main focus on this photo are of the red pants on the guy and the red lights and possibly the red cubes in the background, but when I first looked at this photo, those elements were not the first things that caught my eye. The first thing I noticed was the highlights of the reflections on the road and the white lines of the cross walk. As my eye went farther up in the scene I couldn’t help but follow the white lines to the background as well as notice the buildings on either side creating somewhat of a symmetry. I always like leading lines in photos and I think this one does a great job. What I see in this photo overall are different aspects to a daily life for multiple people. You’ve got a car in the left of the frame where you can barely see the front end either going straight or waiting for the guy in the cross walk. You’ve got people riding bikes and walking to their destinations. There’s construction going on in the back. What makes me enjoy this photo the most though is the dark tones that are created by the cloudy day and rain with just enough color. A bright sunny day would probably create a flat looking scene as the colors would not pop as they do here. Great capture!

    1. Wow, I’m really flattered that you paid so much attention to the image. I think you mentioned a couple things that I hadn’t even noticed until I went back to it 🙂

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