End of the Line: Life As A Commuter

Toronto is a very easy city to get around in. Though the overcrowded two-line subway system can barely accommodate the traffic, it’s surprisingly easy to get around regardless of whether you’re cycling, subway(ing), or taking the street car. This old street car and all of it’s friends are about to enter retirement, because the city will be rolling out a brand new fleet in August.

During the last few weeks before I left Toronto I saw the new street car roll along Queen St during its test runs, but it somehow didn’t seem to fit the look of the city. These old red and white trains are a serious staple of the city and are deeply ingrained in it’s fibre. Oh well, I’m not there any longer, and I don’t intend to return in the near future, but as a lover of history and vintage “things” I find it a bit sad.

Perhaps that’s what this lady is thinking about too :)…

street car queen street toronto



  1. I absolutely see your point. I love the fact Toronto managed to retain its vibrant historic side of the town. Either in the architecture or those trains for all the years. It is a pity they are going to be replaced, the streets will look different, won’t they? By the way, your pictures are so lively and emotive, I can feel your reminiscence over Toronto. Don’t feel too blue though, good times are yet to come!

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