The Beat Goes On

Music is a magical thing. Through my 20s I was fortunate enough to play drums in a Toronto band with three of my best friends in the whole world. When we started we play to a handful of friends that we had to beg to come and see us, when I eventually left the band we were playing some of the larger venues in the city and had opening gigs for The Killers and Editors.

Music transcends languages and barriers, and it can alter our moods for the better. I am so grateful for music and what it can do to and for us, and I get choked up when I see how it lights up the faces of children like mine.

stage door



  1. I really like this scene, not sure why, its a bit dark and moody and I bet it could tell a few tales about the musicians that went in and out of this door!

    1. Thanks!

      This is the stage door to Massey Hall which is probably the most historic music venue in Toronto. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to play there, but I’ve been in as a spectator.

      1. Ha, glad you liked that. I have no idea why musicians like to be that way. I used to shower about one hundred times a day, so I certainly didn’t get it. As a drummer, I would always look like I had just finished running a marathon, but I always had a change of clothes and didn’t hesitate to wash up after my set was over.

  2. LOVE this Shane. I totally get choked up when I see the joy spilling from my boys as they dance and embrace a favorite tune. It is overwhelming to watch that. I love music, long to sing into a microphone and try and anytime to introduce music to my boys. That is so cool you were able to play to such crowds and open for The Killers, among others. WOW, that is great.

  3. What would life be without music?? It never ceases to amaze me how hearing a song can instantly bring back vivid memories of times past. And how is it that we can learn and quickly forget facts and figures about so many things, but a long-forgotten song can come in the radio, and we can remember the lyrics without a problem? I’ve always believed that setting school subjects to music would be a powerful learning tool πŸ™‚ Music has been such a huge part of my life and my family’s life – love that it was for yours as well. Great photo, Shane, that pays homage to wonderful times from your past!

  4. Great photo of Massey Hall, and spot on observations about music. I saw a concert in the park last night with my dad…big band music. Although this was not the music of my generation, I fully appreciate it, and loved seeing my dad’s face as he listened to the music of his youth. The audience was mainly seniors, and it was so cool to watch a couple get up and dance. The young kids in the audience had a blast dancing too. Dad and I didn’t dance, but we had a good laugh remembering him trying to teach me how to dance to his music when we were both younger. Never could get the hang of it, but still love to listen.

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