In the age of email, text, and Facebook, I find that it is far too easy to lose sight of what the term “relationship” really means. I’m guilty of it too. I can look at the call log on my cell phone and see a month’s worth of phone calls on the screen before I have to start scrolling down.

When I think back to my teens, which was the period just before the internet, I have fond memories of talking on the phone, making plans to meet face-to-face, and carrying on meaningful conversations. My friends and I would spend our mornings working, our afternoons gathering at the local soccer field or hanging around the hotdog stand owned by one of our crew, and our evenings rotating amongst each other’s basements listening to the music that defined the Grunge Era.

But today, we seem to hold ourselves at arm’s length, even with those we love. That’s why I love stumbling on scenes like this one, where groups of friends are laughing and talking with each other, rather than burying their faces in their phones and iPads. As we move one day closer to the weekend, I’d like to encourage you to pick up the phone and give someone a call, make plans to chat over a coffee or lunch, and deeply engage in a meaningful conversation. However, if you do that already, then good on you. I should take some of my own advice.

Happy Thursday everyone!




  1. I love this 🙂 It’s so true… I feel like the younger generations in particular is especially guilty of holding people “at arm’s length” – there seems to be an innate fear of rejection and being hurt, maybe because too many kids are being brought up to believe they can “do anything” and are always winners no matter what? You’re spot on though, it is beautiful to just see groups laughing and walking and hanging out technology free!

    1. Yes, it’ll be interesting to see how future generations interact with each other, and how they handle relationships ad deal with loved ones. Maybe things won’t actually change that much, but I’m a bit doubtful of that.

      How was the trip? I lived vicariously through you in Instagram. Looked like fun. Are you still planning a Canada trip at the end of the year?

      1. It sure will… hopefully things get better, not worse!

        My trip was AMAZING, thank you!! I really loved it there! And yes, we’ve got 6 weeks in 9 cities across USA/Canada/Mexico coming up in December/January – off one plane and counting down to the next! Hope everyone’s settling into the new place well 🙂

  2. I agree with this completely. I always enjoy face to face interaction much more than through technology. You can’t get the same feelings when reading a text or a message on a device as they are just words that can be interpreted in any way based on your mood when you read them. When socializing face to face you can hear the emotion in the person’s voice and see the expression on their face when they talk. It’s a completely different feeling. I think it’s so much more difficult to get to know someone through reading words alone when so much of their personality is unknown.

    But on the other hand. Without these technological advances, there wouldn’t be any blogging communities such as this where we can meet others with similar likes and create friendships with those people. I think it is human nature to have the need to be social face to face but yet with how busy our schedules are now days it is so hard to find enough time to get that. I think in the end we always find out how to make things work to get what we need. I don’t think face to face interaction will ever go away, but there just may be less of it than there used to be due to all the distractions of technology. Although I do enjoy getting my daily post ready, and viewing the posts of other fellow bloggers, I know that the happiest part of my day is when I get to interact with my family and play with my kids.

  3. Great photo, Shane! Perfect timing in capturing that laugh, which just lights up the picture and tells the story beautifully. And I agree with your take on the cons of technology. I know I’m guilty of reaching for my phone to text or email more often than to call. And I was around a lot longer than you before the internet came into being 😉

  4. Good one Shane. Totally agree with you. I’ve started to cut down on Facebook and Whatsapp and (re-started) to make calls, write cards/letters, meet up people more. Too easy to go all “social” at arms’ length.

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