Black (& White) Friday: A Simple Portrait

For this week’s black and white post, I thought I’d share an image from a really fun shoot I did a few months ago. This was a simple one-light setup with a shoot-through umbrella placed at 45-degrees to the left of the subject, and pointed down at 45-degrees toward him.

This is a friend of mine, and he grew a moustache for Movember last year to promote men’s health. Since he regularly wore those aviators, I couldn’t help but ask him to pose as a mean cop workin’ the beat. The hardest part of the shot was keeping him from laughing.

It’s amazing what you can get from using a single light source. I now have a couple more lighting tools, but all you really need are a light and a reflector.

flash photography



  1. I love that portrait, look like a photo of the 70’s with the moustache and the Aviator sunglasses

      1. Good for you! Going into week 2 of my 3-week trip, I’m finding my forced withdrawal from the internet becoming easier with each day πŸ˜‰ Finding balance is definitely a good thing!

      2. Great, I hope you’re having a great trip. I saw a pic on Facebook this morning that looked pretty nice.

        Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish when you’re not tied to the computer?

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