Beauty in Ottawa: Hogsback Falls

In Toronto, I ran a weekly post series called “Street Walking”, so I thought that since I am now in a new city, I would start a new series. Since there is so much beauty in and around Ottawa, I thought it only fitting that it be called “Beauty in Ottawa”.

Hogsback Falls, one of the most beautiful spots in Ottawa happens to be a couple of minutes away from my house. Though it is a man made waterway, Hogsback Falls sits at the point where the Rideau Canal splits from the Rideau River. Both waterways have excellent cycling trails that run alongside them, and I’ve featured the Canal trails in a post that compares Toronto cycling with Ottawa cycling.

The falls are a portion of Hogsback Park, which I haven’t had the pleasure of exploring in great depth yet, but since it’s so close to home, I doubt it’ll take me long to get the lay of the land and report back 😉

Ottawa is such a fascinating city for a lot of reasons, but especially for those who love the outdoors. I think my health and fitness levels have improved by 1,000 % in the few weeks that we’ve been here, and the peacefulness is something that you could only dream about when you live in a larger city.

Here, I captured an artist sketching a similar scene to that in the second image in this post. I wanted to take a picture of her in action from right over her shoulder, but she seemed to be in such deep concentration and in such a peaceful state that I elected to withhold my natural street photographer tendencies.

Hogsback FallsHogsback Falls


Below is an image of two of the falls’ many onlookers. Above and to the left of the lady sitting on the bench, you can barely make out a couple of young ladies picnicking behind the tree. I badly wanted to take their picture when I was close to them because they were perfectly framed between two trees, and they had a beautiful spread and two little babies with them. I almost convinced myself that they would have loved and perhaps cherished the image I would have taken, but for some reason I held back and just took the shot with my mind.Hogsback Park



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